Hey You Guuuuyyyys!! They're Back!

While doing some research for a parent meeting presentation, I stumbled across some good news. One of the best educational tv shows is returning to the small screen. That's right -- The Electric Company is coming back! Right now, in NYC, new episodes are being filmed. The new show is slated to run in January of 2009. While I know they will update the show to appeal to today's youth, my heart will always belong to the orange-hued, scanimation-filled original. The show helped me continue a love of words and language that was started by my parents. Hopefully, the new show will do the same for a new generation. "Sounds righteous, delightious, and out-of-sighteous! Heavy, heavy [*finger snap*], heavy! Ha-ah!"

NY Times Article: "PBS Revives a Show That Shines a Light on Reading"


To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Ok. I've been on Twitter for a few months now. And while I think that it is applicable in an educational setting, I don't feel that I have been using it very effectively. In fact, for a while, I even removed my Twitter widget on my blog.

Then, about a month ago, I tweeted that I had posted about Google's Android software. And Vicki Davis (I know this is late -- but thank you!) actually linked my post! So then it started to click with me that the content of my tweets needed to be different from what I would send to my sister, for example. It needed to have a professional focus. Duh! Tweet about a blog post, an educational resource, ask a question, etc. Now, the whole point of tweeting started to make sense.

I just wish there was a way to integrate Twitter into my Google reader. Does anybody know if this is possible? Hey, I think I'll tweet it and see what happens...

Anyhoo, watch the video posted at Utech Tips. Thank you, Jeff, for posting.


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via U Tech Tips by utechtips@gmail.com (Jeff Utecht) on 5/7/08

Me personally….well that is another story. But for those of you trying to figure it out, learn about twitter in Plain English:



Things you can do from here:



PowerPoint Games and Voicethread Presentation

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of presenting at Oakland Schools' 2008 PowerUP Conference. It was my first time presenting in front an audience outside of school, so needless to say, I was very nervous. So while things did not go exactly as I had planned, I am happy to have had the experience. And I learned the most important thing: make a backup of the backup.

Anyway, my topic was Using PowerPoint Games and Voicethread in the Classroom. PowerPoint game templates are fun easy way to use technology in the classroom, especially if you have some sort of data projection available (like a SmartBoard or TVator, etc.) For those who may not feel all that comfortable with technology, PowerPoint Game templates are one way to ease into technology integration pool. The kids absolutely love them, they can be used for any grade level and subject, and there are tons of games available for download online. I personally like the Jeopardy templates and have used them with my first graders for a few years now. It is a great way to review material before a test.

Voicethread is fantastic online site that allows you to upload photos, video, or PowerPoint slides and then add narrative text or audio to your visuals. It is a great way to introduce your students to digital storytelling. I've also used the site for spelling practice and math casts. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it. Voicethread also has added an community specifically for teachers and students, so definitely check it out.

Oh yeah. Here is the presentation...