Hey You Guuuuyyyys!! They're Back!

While doing some research for a parent meeting presentation, I stumbled across some good news. One of the best educational tv shows is returning to the small screen. That's right -- The Electric Company is coming back! Right now, in NYC, new episodes are being filmed. The new show is slated to run in January of 2009. While I know they will update the show to appeal to today's youth, my heart will always belong to the orange-hued, scanimation-filled original. The show helped me continue a love of words and language that was started by my parents. Hopefully, the new show will do the same for a new generation. "Sounds righteous, delightious, and out-of-sighteous! Heavy, heavy [*finger snap*], heavy! Ha-ah!"

NY Times Article: "PBS Revives a Show That Shines a Light on Reading"

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