RSS in Plain English / Flock Social Browser

Below is another great video from the Commoncraft Show explaining how RSS feeds work and why you need one. So watch the vid, subscribe to this blog and get your reader account going. Personally, I love Google Reader and wonder how I ever got along without it. Blogs are my main source of information; I've found that they are usually way ahead of the mainstream media in terms of timing and content. The hardest thing is keeping up with all of my feeds! More on that later... For now, just watch the video...

I've also been playing around with Flock, a social browser built on the Firefox code. It's supposed to keep your feeds, blogs, pics and videos all in one easy accessible place. It has some cool features, like a built-in blog editor and media stream of pics or videos. The jury is still out on whether I would use this browser full time. We'll see...


More Puricute, Please!

I have finished playing around with Puricute, an online purikura-like site. Purikura, or "Print Club" photo sticker booths are extremely popular in Japan. Students take pictures with their friends and and choose kawaii (japanese for "cute") frames and mini-icons to include in their picture. I had been looking for some inexpensive purikura software to purchase for a few years. Fast forward a couple of years, and here it is online -- for free! Phozi was actually my first foray into online purikura, but I think I like Puricute better. Both sites are graphic intensive and can be a bit slow if you don't have a fast connection. Below, check out my first Puricute pic of Oshi, our class guinea pig. Super-kawaii!!

Puricute via Jane's E-Learning Blog