How to raise student achievement

ScienceDaily (Oct. 31, 2007) — "In his doctoral thesis, Finnish PISA Researcher Pasi Reinikainen studied the country-specific factors connected to the science achievement of eighth-grade students in Finland, England, Hungary, Japan, Russia and Latvia. He found that factors influential to students’ academic performance differ between countries."

Very interesting article.  Read more here:

TV, Pop Quizzes And Group Work May Hinder Educational Achievement In Science





Make an Interactive Whiteboard for Under $100 using the Wii Remote

via Mark Wagner: Educational Technology and Life » Blog Archive » Links for 2007-12-17

This is absolutely amazing!  Inventor Johnny Lee has devised a hack that allows the Wii remote to become a sensor for an interactive whiteboard.  Then, with a  few LEDs and reflective tape, he turns his TV into a "Minority Report"-like machine.  A projector would still need to be purchased, and of course, the Wii, for this to work.  But is this a low-cost alternative for struggling districts?

See the video for yourself:

Tim Wang’s eLearning Blog - Multi-touch Whiteboard Under 100 Dollars - Using The Wii Remote



Snow Day

snow day
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I realize that I have not updated this blog in ages! Well, over the break I plan to add some new postings. Today, however, is a snow day! I am resting and updating and searching. Ahh...I love snow days; they're great gifts to students and teachers alike!