The Death of Palm?

I have been using Palm based devices for almost ten years -- from my first Handspring device to my current Palm Centro. While my Palm devices have served me well, I must admit to gadget envy when the iPhone was released last year. And to make matters worse, the Palm OS has not made any major changes or improvements in years. When I updated my Treo 650 to the Centro, the only notable changes were that adding the third-party apps of PocketTunes and Google Maps.

However, for the past couple of years, there have been rumors flying around the net about a "gPhone" being released. In the video below, you will see that Google will NOT release a "gPhone." However, what Google has shrewdly done is create a new open-source mobile platform called Android. And it looks poised to deliver the death-blow to the Palm OS, while giving iPhone some much needed competition. The video shows Android in action on an unidentified handset. Check it out:

Did you see it? Looks pretty slick, huh? My green-eyed gadget monster is rearing its ugly head. Could this also be the answer for using cost-efficient mobile computers in the classroom?

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