HHA Freebie of the Week!

If there is one thing I love to get, it is something for free. As educators, we often come out of pocket on resources to use in our classrooms. So when we can get something for free, we jump on it, right? (Just think about what happens when someone leaves free snacks in the teacher lounge!) So I am happy (n_n) to announce the Happy Happy Apple's Freebie of the Week! (Keep in mind that it is August, so I might be delusional in thinking that I can keep this up weekly -- but we shall see, won't we...?)

The first freebie is not a thing, but a blog: Giveaway of the Day. I check this blog in my Google Reader before all else. Why? Cause it gives away a new free licensed software program every 24 hours!

I have downloaded a couple of programs from this site; the last one being the great Wondershare Premium Photostory album. It lets you take photos and put them into animated flash movies. Very sweet and perfect for, say it with me, digital storytelling!

You never know what goodies they'll be giving away over there. Check it out and tell them the Happy Happy Apple sent ya!

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