Using Voicethread for Digital Storytelling

I just finished watching the 1927 silent German film Metropolis. (Gotta remember to drop off that Netflix envelope! Anyhoo, I digress...) I was very impressed about the visual conventions used by the filmaker and actors back then to convey emotions, metaphors, setting, etc. Then I began to think about ways I could incorporate this into my classroom for this year.

I read today's post from Wes Fryer's Speed of Creativity blog. He posted about using Voicethread to create a digital story about his daughter's haircut using 5 pictures. Voicethread allows for voice narration; the narration by his daughter is absolutely precious! I really like the feature of being able to add voice or text comments to the story.

I'm thinking of possibly using this for a social studies project about family members or grandparents. What would you use Voicethread for?

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