The BEST Social Bookmarking Tool You Should Be Using

Yeah! Diigo has finally released version 3.0! Looks pretty slick, I must say. I absolutely LOVE Diigo! The fact that you can highlight and leave sticky notes on sites that you bookmark were the main features that attracted me to try it. So many times I had bookmarked sites on del.icio.us only to go back wondering, "Why in the heck did I bookmark this Winnie the Pooh site?" But once I began using Diigo, I could see what part of site I found interesting/important/relevant by looking at my notes or highlights. If you already use del.icio.us, Diigo will even import all of your bookmarks.

If you have not tried Diigo, I highly recommend it. You can even join my Education Technology group! Check the video below to learn more about Diigo...

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