Smartboard Presentation

A few weeks back, I had the privilege of giving a Smartboard presentation to some teachers in my school. From the feedback I received, it seemed to go pretty well -- but now I know what to improve on for the next time. Since today is a snow day, I decided I should update this blog by adding the presentation. However, I realize the version with the "Resources" links is stored on my computer at school. So I made a list of the links after the presentation. Enjoy!

Running out of time...will add links later. Peace!


Jim Hollis said...

Very nice!


Teachers Love SMART Boards

RichWhite said...
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Mrs. Green said...

Thank you Jim! Your blog was one of the resources I featured in my presentation!

Mrs. Green said...

Rich White left the following comment that I accidentally deleted. (Sorry Rich!)

"another resource you may want to try - http://edusim3d.com"

I will check it out...