Eduism, eBeam and a $100 Whiteboard!

Rich White of Edusim had posted a comment about my Smartboard Presentation that I accidentally deleted. He directed me to his site -- and I'm glad he did. Eduism is a free opensource 3D environment specifically for the interactive whiteboard. Check out the video below. It looks almost like a SecondLife environment. Wow!

Then I found this video showing another way to create a DIY interactive whiteboard with a Wii remote. Could/Would school districts be willing to take advantage of this type of technology? Teachers would still need a projector, which can run from $500-1200. But it's definitely cheaper than the $2500 and up needed for a commercial interactive whiteboard. Check out that video below.

Then my jaw dropped further when I saw this video of a device called an eBeam that turns regular monitors into touchscreens! Amazing!!

I will definitely post more about Eduism as I peruse the site some more. VERY cool stuff!

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