More Puricute, Please!

I have finished playing around with Puricute, an online purikura-like site. Purikura, or "Print Club" photo sticker booths are extremely popular in Japan. Students take pictures with their friends and and choose kawaii (japanese for "cute") frames and mini-icons to include in their picture. I had been looking for some inexpensive purikura software to purchase for a few years. Fast forward a couple of years, and here it is online -- for free! Phozi was actually my first foray into online purikura, but I think I like Puricute better. Both sites are graphic intensive and can be a bit slow if you don't have a fast connection. Below, check out my first Puricute pic of Oshi, our class guinea pig. Super-kawaii!!

Puricute via Jane's E-Learning Blog

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Chelle said...

Ooooh, kawaii. Oshi looks as if he's saying "Mrs. G, hurry up and take my picture, I'm hungry". Is he still eating up a storm? Well, I guess he took the pig in guinea pig literally.