The TeacherMate is the Mail!

I am very excited that I will have a chance to actually use and review the TeacherMate handheld computer. These handhelds are being promoted as a low cost 1:1 computing solution for grades K-3. For a limited time they are allowing teachers to test the machines for free for 30 days! I am looking forward to seeing how the software works. I am looking into how I can possibly create a 1:1 environment for the 2009-10 school year, but I am not sure what hardware (whether it is the TeacherMate or XO-1 or something else) I will try to get.


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The Dream Factory said...

HHA (Happy Happy Apple) I have been using teachermate this spring in my first grade class. Take a look at
Join in if you like to the "ning". We also have a smartboard "ning' at
http://smartteach.ning.com/ if you would like to join our group.

Hope you have as much fun as we are having.

sincerely,jb ;-)