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What a great idea!  Found this site via Learning is Change (great blog).  Inspired classrooms is about finding the middle ground between having computers in the classrooms but not yet having a 1:1 computer situation.  Simply by placing a few computers in an accessible manner where students can access them regularly can cause a huge shift in instruction.  Make sure you check out the videos on the philosophy behind Inspired Classrooms -- good stuff, especially for elementary classrooms. When I return from maternity leave, I can't wait to try to implement this!


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Monarch's Librarian said...

I just discovered the inspired classroom website today. I am also excited about trying it at my school. I am a K-5 school librarian and I often seen a bank of 6 computers go unused or underused throughout the school. I may be able to convince 1 teacher to try it out. Please let me know how it goes for you should you decide to try it. -Keisa